Human footprints of 12 thousand years ago, found in the United States


Some archaeologists have found traces of an open hearth dating back to 12,300 years ago. These are birds in ashes, stone tools, coal and bones. In short, signs of human presence. The most important find are the small human footprints imprinted on the earth. The analysis revealed 88 footprints of adults and children aged between 5 and 12 years.

Individuals used to walking in shallow water with the presence of sand mixed with mud, since the footprints have remained imprinted. It appears to have been an oasis of fertile ground for the first American settlers . Now it is a dusty and arid plain.

Scholars are curious about how and when these people first came to America . The first hypotheses are based on the Clovis, the first inhabitants of the Americas, who settled on the continent 15-13 thousand years ago. Other discoveries have moved the arrival of the first inhabitants to 25-37 thousand years ago. Further current studies say that these early populations inhabited the area more than 12,000 years ago.

No distortion therefore on what is known about the first inhabitants of America. However, there remain exceptional revelations in terms of age and historical position. The only human footprints of the Pleistocene found in America in the White Sands National Park, in New Mexico, date back to 21-23 thousand years ago.

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