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IBM AI SSD fights back against ransomware attacks

IBM has developed AI-based storage security technology that can intercept and disable ransomware. It is integrated into FlashCore enterprise modules from IBM. The simple explanation is that this technology can scan all data inputs and outputs in real time and stop unauthorized encryption before it causes damage.



IBM described the technology in detail in its post . The company expressed concern about the issue of ransomware, citing a report according to which 89% of organizations rank ransomware as one of the top five threats to their operations.


IBM Storage Defender includes AI sensors developed by IBM Research to detect ransomware and other advanced threats quickly and accurately. Defender raises high-level alarms to security controls, reducing the damage caused by breaches and helping businesses recover from attacks.



Using AI to detect ransomware attacks is a great idea. Intercepting malicious code is a difficult task, but in the case of ransomware, data encryption takes time – from several minutes to hours. This time window can be used to intercept an attack before it becomes critical.


IBM’s solution is aimed at high-end security-focused clients. It will take some time before we see similar technologies in mass-market products, but with the release of new CPUs with built-in AI accelerators in the coming years, similar solutions may appear on PCs.


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