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If you want to get the best ship in Star Citizen for free, just steal it from the developers

Want to get the best ship in Star Citizen for free? The Idris-M frigate is one of the most fearsome ships in this space game, and developers Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries are giving players the chance to get one for free. But to get this chance, you first need to steal this ship from the developers themselves. Considering that prices for ships reach $1000 and above, this opportunity is worth taking advantage of.



Star Citizen remains a unique case in the industry – the game has not yet been released, and the total funding has already exceeded $644 million and continues to grow, making it the largest and most ambitious space game in history. Unlike other games in the genre such as Starfield, Elite Dangerous and No Man’s Sky, ships in Star Citizen are sold to players for real money – starting with the simple Aurora ES and MR models for $24 and $26 respectively, but rising to thousands of dollars for the largest .


One of the most popular ships is the frigate Idris-M. The military variant of the Idris line is still in development by Cloud Imperium Games, meaning it is not yet officially available even to those who donated $1000 to get their hands on it while it was on sale. Don’t worry, you can still buy it now if you’re willing to shell out $18,000 for the Praetorian pack (keep in mind it’s not ready for use in the game yet).


However, it looks like we’ll be seeing the full interior of the Idris-M soon, and to celebrate, you’ll have the opportunity to win your very own.


From February 23 to February 27, you can come across a special mission “War Game with Idris” in the game. If you find one, you’ll have the chance to attack, capture and control your own Idris-M.


Some of these giants will be fully controlled by our developers, and they are ready to fight. Gather your crew and see if you can defeat them and then fend off enemy attacks from your new flagship for as long as possible.


If you manage to outlast all the contenders, you’ll get your own Idris-M to keep forever, with insurance. But if you are not so successful, there is another chance to win. You will need to create a 10 second clip of your conquest and submit it to the Star Citizen community . The coolest video – be it a spectacular bypass of Idris or a heroic death in the flames – will also receive its own Idris-M.


The Aegis Redeemer will be awarded for 2nd place in both competitions, and the honorable 3rd place will be awarded to the Aegis Gladius. All prizes include lifetime insurance and a Star Citizen game pack. Let’s see what this event leads to.



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