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Iliad was forced to remove four advertisements from the Advertising Self-Regulatory Institute


Vodafone and WindTre drag Iliad in front of the Institute of Advertising Self- discipline, which proves them right and the French operator wrong. The company was beaten for four advertisements , three of which were found to be misleading, while the fourth was found to be offensive and disparaging.

One of the advertisements claimed that over 9 million people had already chosen to join Iliad’s services, but according to the two operators it was an exaggeration. In fact, 9 million would be the users – or in any case the subscriptions -, but that these 9 million contracts correspond to 9 million distinct people is still to be verified. And here is the first beaten. That advertising, orders the IAP , must be removed within five days from all web and social channels.

Then there is the advertising billboard that sees Iliad boasting of an award received by the German Finance Quality Institute : “Best operator for quality / price ratio”. The award is there and really exists, but Iliad in its advertising material had limited itself to mentioning the certification, without however explaining from which entity it came. Another blow, another order to remove the advertising.

And then the promise to guarantee an assistance service within 25 seconds of the user’s call. In short, the customer dials the number of the service and in less than 25 seconds should speak to a real operator. Vodafone disputed this finding, claiming to have carried out investigations and found longer waiting times. Iliad defended itself by claiming that it was an average, but it was not enough. This advertising must also disappear.

And then the most curious case: making an analogy with troubled love stories, in a post published on Facebook Iliad compared the rival operators to a lying and unfaithful boyfriend. “She only told you lies, but summer is made for a change. And then you change operator ”. Yet another niet  of the jury. Can’t say, it’s disrespectful. And then this advertisement will also have to be removed within five days. Iliad has already said that he will adapt to the requests of the Institute.



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