Images of the attack on the airport in the USA appeared

Footage of the armed attack on Dallas Love Field Airport, located in the US state of Texas, on July 25 has emerged.

In the footage shared by the Dallas Police Department, it was seen that the attacker got out of the vehicle, entered the airport and stayed in the washroom for a short time. The attacker, who looked around suspiciously, moved towards the area where the ticket offices are located.


The attacker, who came to the area where there were many passengers, suddenly started to open fire in the air with the gun he took out of his pocket. The footage showed passengers fleeing in fear and collapsing to the ground. The attacker, who was preparing to open fire again, was shot and neutralized by the police.

In a statement after the incident, Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia stated that the suspect was a woman and started shooting into the air after he entered the airport. Explaining that the injured suspect was transferred to the hospital, Garcia announced that the airport was safe.


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