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In Russia, 32% of gamers consider the gaming community “toxic”


Employees of GMNG, which produces gaming peripherals in Russia, conducted a study to study the domestic community. Analysts have noticed that approximately half of Russian gamers regularly experience dissatisfaction while playing computer games.


Only 14% of respondents almost never encounter irritation during the game. At the same time, for 53% of respondents, “cheating” causes the greatest anger. This is followed in second place by “stuffy” and “toxic” team members (40%), and the third place is closed by the greed of developers (37%).

As for gaming technology, that is, the GMNG profile issue, PC users identify the following triggers:

  • unreliable hardware – 47%;
  • uncomfortable furniture – 34%;
  • low color rendition of the monitor – 23%.

Technical features such as lags, crashes and connection problems interfere with the gameplay and cause aggression, says one of the study participants. Dishonest gamers who use the game’s bugs or advantages for their own purposes spoil the fun of other users and create an unhealthy atmosphere in the community, he emphasizes. It also notes restrictions and unfair rules set by game developers that may disrupt the balance of the game or prevent you from fully enjoying the gameplay.

32% of respondents consider the Russian gaming community “toxic.” At the same time, more than half of gamers claim that in recent years there has been more negativity.


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