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Increased crashes reported in Unreal Engine games – Epic blames Intel chips

Epic Games is blaming Intel’s latest processors for an increasing number of reports of crashes in Unreal Engine games. Modern high-end processors are jam-packed with cores, all running at high frequencies, and requiring a lot of power to run at that speed. This is especially true for the latest Intel Core i9 processors, which are among the most power-hungry chips. And to get even more performance, motherboard vendors often use BIOS settings that push the limits even further.



All of this seems to be the reason for the increasing frequency of crash reports in games and applications, especially those built on the Unreal Engine. And the only solution is to adjust these parameters to reduce the voltage on the chip.


That’s according to RAD, a division of Epic Games that develops the Bink video codec and Oodle data compression technologies used in hundreds of games on the market. Moreover, the company directly blames Intel:



We believe this hardware defect primarily affects Intel 13900K and 14900K processors.


The development team states that the problems have nothing to do with the code in their products or Unreal Engine, and note that applications such as CineBench, Handbrake and Visual Studio also exhibit the same problem.


If your gaming PC is crashing with an out of video memory error and the system is equipped with a 13th or 14th generation Core i9 processor, such as a Core i9 14900K, then the processor may be causing the problem. Certain i7 models, usually the unlocked K versions, are also reported to be experiencing the problem, although to a lesser extent.


Since this is not a software issue, the only solution may be to tune the CPU settings – in the motherboard BIOS or using the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU). A simple solution that might work is to reduce the clock ratio for the P cores by a couple of points. For example, if the default is x55, then downgrading to x54 or x53 will probably stop the crashes.


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