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Indie RPG turns underrated Final Fantasy into strategy junk

A new indie tactical RPG called Trash of the Titans from independent studio Draw & Code Studios offers gameplay in the spirit of the iconic Final Fantasy Tactics, but with a trash theme.


As the description suggests, in Trash of the Titans the player will have to fight for dominance in local landfills. Controlling a team of wild animals – skunks, raccoons and the like, you need to prevent enemy rats from capturing garbage heaps.

Tactical RPG style battles take place in an isometric perspective with turn-based gameplay. With the help of various magical techniques and attacks, you will have to repel the advance of opponents, as well as absorb waste after each round to enhance your characteristics.

Visually, the project is made with pixelated graphics and resembles games for the Game Boy Advance. Developer Draw & Code Studios is offering a free demo of Trash of the Titans as part of Steam Next Fest.


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