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Insider: Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will be released “later this year”

According to insider Jeff Grubb, EA and BioWare are “reasonably confident” that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will release later this year.



He noted on the Game Mess podcast that it’s unclear exactly when the game will next be shown, but “it’s coming out this year.”


I think Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will likely arrive this summer. I don’t know when the announcement will take place, but I believe it will happen in the summer. Although it could happen at any other time.



The latest information is that the game will be released this year. They’re pretty confident about it. It’s not a guarantee – it could move – but at the moment internally the company expects to release Dreadwolf later this year.


Let me remind you that in December BioWare released a new teaser for Dreadwolf, and then announced that a full presentation of the game should only be expected in the summer (3rd quarter) of 2024.


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