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Insider: Rocksteady itself now does not know exactly when “Suicide Squad” will be released


After the critically acclaimed demo of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, journalists, and insiders revealed that the game’s release would be delayed again.


Jez Corden and Jason Schreier reported that the project would leave at the end of 2023, while Jeff Grubb heard about the release being pushed back to 2024 altogether.

Now Schreier clarified that Rocksteady has not yet announced an official postponement, as the studio itself does not know when the game will be released. According to him, a few weeks ago, developers were notified that the game should be released at the end of this year, but they still have not been given exact dates.

Schreier does not exclude that in the end the project may indeed be postponed to 2024, but he is sure that this will not affect changes in the fundamental elements of the game.

The debut demonstration of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League gameplay was not liked by many due to the game’s heavy focus on service elements and monotonous character gameplay. In addition, it turned out that the project will require a constant online connection, including for the single-player mode.


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