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Insider: SEGA is preparing a mobile spin-off of “Sonic” in the style of Fall Guys

Reliable insider MbKKssTBhz5 (Midori), who previously shared reliable information on the Persona franchise, said that this year SEGA will release a Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off for iOS and Android mobile devices.



According to an insider, the game will have gameplay elements in the style of Fall Guys. In this game you have to go through various challenges with other players, and only one wins.


The information was also confirmed by Tom Henderson, who wrote that the game is called Sonic Toys Party and will be released this summer.

Midori writes that the Sonic spin-off will have an emphasis on social elements, and will accommodate over 30 players in one level. There are already plans for a crossover with Persona and other franchises.



It is reported that the production of a mobile “Sonic” in the style of Fall Guys has been underway for two years. SEGA is betting big on the project – the publisher expects it to be a mega-popular shareware project with a large audience.


It is unknown who is developing it.


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