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Insider: Sony plans to make the PlayStation 6 the most powerful console on the market – it will run on AMD technologies


Sony has not yet decided on the final technical characteristics of the PlayStation 6, but work on designing a new console has been underway for about a year, said insider RedGamingTech. The platform holder is in close contact with various game studios and is interested in their opinion on the hardware necessary for the production of next-generation games.


Insider sources say that the PlayStation 6 will almost certainly run on AMD technologies  Sony is not even considering other chip manufacturers as partners right now. During the development of the PlayStation 5, she was also in talks with several other companies, including NVIDIA, but this time she is only interested in AMD.

It is noted that Sony intends to make the PlayStation 6 the most powerful console of the next generation  that is, it will have to outperform the successor Xbox Series X in terms of capabilities. There will be a big bet on the integrated use of ray tracing, machine learning, and AI to create more vibrant worlds and interesting interactions with NPCs in games, as well as path tracing. However, the latter will not be used in all games, since it can place a greater load on the hardware.

According to the latest data, the PlayStation 6 will debut only in 2028Before it, the PlayStation 5 Pro should appear on the market  RedGamingTech has heard that developers are now actively sending out devkits of the upgraded PlayStation 5.

According to Tom Henderson, the PlayStation 5 Pro will appear in the fall of 2024.


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