Instagram tests the photos in 9:16, the same format as the Reels


The frenetic experiments of Instagram know no rest. After trying to completely disfigure the social network and make it a little more like TikTok, Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram will soon give the option to ‘ stretch photos ‘.

We obviously talk about the format: soon users will be able to choose whether to continue uploading photos in the classic almost perfect square format, 4: 5, or whether to choose a different solution, which incorporates that of the Reels : a slender rectangle in height in format 9 : 16 .

Adam Mosseri, responding to recent protests from users, added that Instagram will no longer be “just” the social of photos and that videos will become increasingly important. However, the executive promised that the photos will never go into the background and that Instagram will remain a place where you can share your favorite shots with your followers.

Instagram will test the new format in 9:16 for photos by the end of August. A matter of a couple of weeks. As always, testing will initially be restricted to a limited number of randomly selected users.


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