Install Windows 11 Pro without internet? Soon it will no longer be possible


Soon it will no longer be possible to install Windows 11 without being connected to the internet . Microsoft’s new operating system has been available for about 6 months. Until now it was possible to install Windows 11 Pro, the professional version, even with an offline procedure. Apparently this option won’t be available for very long.

You can read it clearly in the notes of the latest build of Windows 11 Preview: even Windows 11 Pro will necessarily require an internet connection during the initialization phase of the computer. And not only that: Microsoft specifies that in the future it will also be necessary to log in to Microsoft Account.

The changes for the moment concern only the Preview version of Windows, but according to the Tech Radar site it is extremely likely that in the near future the news will affect all users. If for any need you prefer to install Windows 11 Pro with the offline procedure, well… you should hurry up. “The risk – writes the specialized site – is that thousands of users are forced to stay on Windows 10”.

Tech Radar also points out that while change is unlikely to cause problems for the majority of users, this is not necessarily true for that part of the world where network infrastructures are less available or reliable.




  • Windows 11 will soon be closed off to anyone without internet (


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