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Intel Raptor Lake: The new processors would seem blazingly fast


This news is reported to us by OneRaichu (as reported by VideoCardz ) on Twitter, a normal hardware leaker who provided benchmarks taken from Cinebench R23 , although as always we should be skeptical about this leak and the possibility that it can be falsified.

If true, this definitely shows the 13900K processor sporting impressive performance, as it managed to hit 2,290 in single-core and 35,693 in multi-core . this was demonstrated at the default settings for clock speed and power, with the CPU consuming 254W in the test, which is actually the 13900K’s “PL2” power limit.

OneRaichu notes that the 13900K ran at 5.8GHz on two high-performance cores and 5.5GHz on the other six and VideoCardz also points out an additional leak from ECSM which consists of an Aida 64 stability test, and this shows two cores. which reach 5.8 GHz with the others also at 5.5 GHz.

Although single-core was not affected here, the multi-core result jumped much higher to 40,616, even though the CPU was consuming most of the extra 100W of power to achieve this (the processor achieved a peak of 345 W). As VideoCardz points out, this suggests that compared to the current 12900K, the upcoming 13900K flagship will be around 30% faster for multi-core performance (and 48% faster with that unlimited power setting) and 48 % faster than Ryzen 9 5950X (67% with unlimited power). Although it’s worth noting that Intel’s 13th generation will face the next-generation Ryzen 7950X.




  • Intel Raptor Lake leak shows a seriously fast CPU to worry AMD – except for one key detail (TechRadar)


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