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Intel: The 13700K CPU may be more than amazing


Let’s start the rumors about a 13700K that VideoCardz has reported. It consists of a qualifying sample chip (which essentially means a finished CPU, sent for testing) compared to CPU-Z clocked at nearly 6.2 GHz (6185 MHz) on all of its high-performance cores (with cores efficiency running at 4189 MHz).

The single-core benchmark result on CPU-Z reached 1,010, which is remarkable and surpasses the recent Raptor Lake leaks we’ve seen. Multi-core was less impressive at 11,877, but then hyper-threading was disabled (with voltage boosted in a big way to 1,536 Volts in an attempt to achieve great overclocking and a single-core result, basically).

Wccftech , as explained by VideoCardz also spotted a second Raptor Lake leak from Baidu showing an example of Core i9-13900K engineering, and this was overclocked to 6GHz, using a similar voltage to the 13700K above (1.546V), but with the efficiency cores disabled. The flagship achieved a score of 976 for single-core in CPU-Z. The most interesting part is seeing the 13900K reach 6 GHz using standard cooling.

It’s a real eye-opener to see that the Core i7-13700K been pushed well past the 6GHz threshold on all cores , even with the caveats mentioned – most notable is that, unlike the 13900K loss, we don’t know. which cooling was used, and there is a suggestion that the CPU used a custom cooling method beyond traditional means.




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