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Isn’t the iPhone Mini dead forever? “He will be back very soon”, the interesting thesis of Phone Arena


Will the iPhone Mini rise from its ashes? Preslav Kateliev, editor of the specialized site Phone Arena , is convinced of this . Kateliev starts from an incontrovertible fact: it is true that the iPhone Mini 12/13 have sold far fewer units than their larger counterparts, but it is equally true that their failure is only relative. The truth is that they have conquered a slice of consumers that is anything but marginal.

But let’s go in order: according to almost every rumor, it is practically certain that in September we will not see an iPhone 14 Mini. The little one from Apple will be replaced by a diametrically specular device: the iPhone 14 Max , which is a smartphone that maintains the essential top-of-the-range features of the basic model, while gaining the 6.7-inch screen of the iPhone 14 Pro.

This choice, explains Kateliev, would depend on the ‘modest’ success of the Mini line. Both the iPhone 12 Mini and the 13 Mini roughly occupied 5% of Apple’s internal market share. That is, for every 100 iPhones sold, five were a Mini model. Not an exciting result, is it? And on the other hand, according to Kateliev, these are not negligible sales performances. We are talking about 5% of a total of 100 million (!) Devices sold. In short, both generations of the iPhone Mini have exceeded the more than decent threshold of 5 million units sold.

And what about compact smartphone enthusiasts? “Just take a tour on social media or on Reddit to promptly find several consumers who complain about the absence of truly pocket smartphones. Why should Apple ignore this? It doesn’t have to and won’t, according to the Phone Arena reporter.


Hence the interesting thesis: the iPhone Mini will return, but in the guise of a completely revised version of the iPhone SE , namely Apple’s line of entry-level smartphones. Those with a price tag of less than 600 euros.

Apple will soon present the fourth generation of the iPhone SE, and it is not certain that it will continue to have a design taken from that of the iPhone 6. For a start, what’s the point of continuing to write iOS in such a way as to support the physical button for the Home? We know that iOS 16 will also be compatible with the iPhone 8, SE 2020 and SE 2022, which are the only three Apple smartphones that continue to have a physical button . But are we sure that iOS 17 will continue to do so too? What about iOS 18?

According to Preslav Kateliev, the next iPhone SE Gen 4 coming out in 2024 will have a completely refurbished design, more like that of an iPhone 14 Mini, compared to that of the iPhone 6 or 8. If you are orphaned of the Mini line and want at any cost a compact iPhone, well, Apple could satisfy you. Is it a thesis that convinces you? Let us know with a comment on social networks.




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