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Isometric role-playing game Broken Roads will be released in April

Drop Bear Bytes studio has announced the final release date for the isometric role-playing game Broken Roads . The title is now scheduled for release on April 10. The game will be released on PC and older consoles, and will later reach the Nintendo Switch.


Broken Roads is a role-playing game set in a completely new universe of post-apocalyptic Australia that combines world exploration, turn-based strategic combat and a branching plot with many philosophical questions and choices.

The developers promise a hardcore and old-school game in the best traditions of the classic Fallout. Among the special “tricks” we can highlight a unique moral system with philosophical directions. For example, you can become a nihilist or a humanist – and this will be reflected in dialogues and quests.

A demo of Broken Roads is available on Steam. The game will receive a translation into Russian in subtitle format.


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