Israeli forces kill 17-year-old Palestinian teenager

As a result of the fire opened by the Israeli forces, a 17-year-old teenager lost his life and 2 people were injured in the city of Hebron in Palestine.

In the city of Hebron, located in the West Bank region of Palestine, 17 -year-old teenager was killed and 2 people were injured as a result of the fire opened by the Israeli Forces. In the statement made by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, it was stated that the name of the young man who lost his life was Mo’men Yassin Jaber, and that Jaber was shot in the heart in the open fire. It was stated that Jaber died in Al-Ahli Hospital despite all the interventions.



Israeli forces raided a neighborhood in the city of Nablus, located in the north of the occupied West Bank, and clashes broke out as tensions rose in the region. In the raid, 3 Palestinians lost their lives and 40 people were injured, 4 of them seriously. A 16-year-old teenager is among the dead.

In the statement made by the Israeli army, it was stated that the house of Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi, the senior manager of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the armed wing of the Fatah organization , which has been on Israel’s wanted list for a long time, was raided and that Al-Nabulsi and another person were killed in the clash. .


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