Japanese lunar probe SLIM survives lunar night

The Japanese space agency said the SLIM lunar lander unexpectedly survived the freezing lunar night and restored contact with Earth more than a month after its historic “spot” landing on the Moon.



SLIM landed on the lunar surface last month, making Japan the fifth country to land a craft on the Moon. It was followed last week by Odysseus from the American company Intuitive Machines, becoming the first privately owned vehicle to successfully land on the surface of the satellite. Such an active race is associated with interest in the exploration of the Moon for the subsequent placement of bases, which could become a transit point between the Earth and Mars or the Earth and the asteroid belt, if humanity nevertheless decides to extract the necessary resources in space.


Shortly after landing 55 m from the target south of the lunar equator, SLIM ran out of power because it turned over and its solar panels were in the wrong position.



More than a week later, the solar panels began producing electricity again due to a change in the direction of sunlight.


It is not yet clear how long the device will last, but given its position, it will not be able to fulfill all its planned purposes.


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