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Join the Indie 2022: all the protagonists of the event dedicated to Italian developers


JOIN the Indie , the event dedicated to gaming made in Italy, reaches its fourth edition. The event organized in collaboration with Intel allowed 10 independent Italian developers to tell their stories and showcase their new projects arriving within the next few months. Thanks to Intel’s support, the developers attending the event were able to use PCs with 12th Generation Intel Core processors to show their games and trailers. But not only: the technological giant has been offering its support to young software houses for years through the Intel Developer Program,providing the knowledge of the most experienced development teams and diverse resources to allow teams to make a qualitative leap in the development of their titles.

Hosted in the splendid setting of the Video Games Party in Milan, we had the opportunity to listen to their stories, taking a look at a whole series of titles with decidedly interesting features, demonstrating how much the Italian independent scene is today extremely flourishing and rich in potential. So let’s find out what all the protagonists of the latest edition of Join The Indie were.

Another Reality

Join the Indie 2022: all the protagonists of the event dedicated to Italian developers

To open the dance was  Matteo Favarelli,  CEO and Founder of  AnotheReality, a studio specializing in the production of content for virtual reality and educational software for companies. Their latest project is called Tennis League VR . It is a tennis game developed for Oculus viewers that will include a purely playful section with Career and Multiplayer modes and a Training to allow newbies to learn the fundamentals of tennis while having fun.

The title, in Early Access on Sidequest , will arrive in the fall.


Cordens Interactive

Vesper, the ambitious first work of Cordens Interactive, landed on Steam last year , has also returned to the stage of Join The Indie . Tommaso lo Iacono , Game Director of Cordens Interactive, told us some anecdotes about the development, finally reminding us of the recent release of the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Set in a sci-fi world inspired by the works of such sacred monsters as Isaac Asimov, Roger Zelazny and Philip Kindred Dick, Vesper is an interesting puzzle platformer that tells the story of a little android called Seven.

Jyamma Games

Very little information on Project Galileo , the interesting Italian souls-like by Jyamma Games. The CEO of the software house, Giacomo Greco has revealed to us that the game will include strong references to folklore to Italian culture and that it will boast a story with  many lines of dialogue  that will contribute to making the adventure even more immersive and layered. We will know more on July 5, the date on which the first in-game images of the game will be shown, then accompanied by a playable build at the tokyo game Show.

Moonwolf Entertainment


There is also room for card games with Temperia: Soul of Majestic . Enrico Fedoni of MoonWolf briefly illustrated the characteristics of the game, underlining how the goal is to be able to create a different experience than that proposed by the other card games. Inspired by the famous Triple Triad mini-game contained in Final Fantasy 8 , Temperia: Soul of Magestic will offer very fast games, will be played with face up cards with a 3 × 3 grid to fill and two decks, one consisting of 20 creatures and one from 20 pieces of equipment. The game will arrive soon on Android, iOS and PC.

Nacon Studio Milan

Join the Indie 2022: all the protagonists of the event dedicated to Italian developers

Moving on to a wider reality, Fabio Respighi , Head of Design at Nacon Studio Milan offered us an insight into the history of the software house that unites  Lunar Great Wall Studios,  author of Another Sight, and  RaceWard Studio, head of RiMS Racing . Nacon Studio Milan can now boast an office of 900 square meters in Milan, with more than 50 people in the development team, which is still expanding. Respighi has been very vague about the projects currently in progress at the studio, but we know that two titles are currently in development, one is a racing game and the other is a survival linked to a famous cinematic IP.

Reply Games Studio

A few months after the release of Soulstice, Samuele Perseo and Fabio Pagetti , respectively Game Writer and Creative Director of Reply Game Studio, take the stage of Join the Indie to present their highly ambitious action RPG arriving on 12 September 2022. Soulstice is a title that is inspired in all respects by the classics of oriental origin such as Devil May Cry, characterized by a combat system marked by dynamism and speed of action. We recently tested it in preview , underlining that ” Soulstice is not a simple homage to a genre, but a real bulwark for pure action and Hack and Slash, and focuses on speed of play, combo and skill pad in hand. . “

Stormind Games

Next to Soulstice, among the most promising titles shown at Join the Indie, there is also the new project of the guys from Stormind Games who, after the excellent Remothered, return to test themselves with a game of a completely different kind . Batora: Lost Haven is a non-linear story driven RPG that combines hack & slash mechanics and twin-stick shooter. The combat system will feature two different modes based on the two forms of the protagonist: Physics  (melee attacks with the sword) and  Mental  (casting spells). Giacomo Masi, Stormind Games Narrative Director revealed to us that the soul of the game lies in its duality. During the adventure we will be able to make different choices, carry out quests in a different way and also come across different endings.

Bathora: Lost Haven will arrive this fall  for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and Nintendo Switch.

Kunos Simulations

Join the Indie 2022: all the protagonists of the event dedicated to Italian developers

We completely change genre with Assetto Corsa 2 . Marco Massarutto , co-founder of Kunos Simulations spoke to Join the Indie to confirm that the second chapter of Assetto Corsa is currently in progress. The team has abandoned the powerful but limiting Unreal Engine in favor of adopting a proprietary graphics engine, the goal is to create a constantly evolving platform that is unaffected by the constraints imposed by Unreal Ungine.

Trinity Teams

Among the protagonists of Join The Indie was also Trinity Teams . In addition to being engaged in the development of Slap & Beans 2, which next year will allow us to live again the virtual adventures of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, the team is also working on The Darkest Tales , a 2D platformer starring a tender teddy bear who will find himself catapulted into a dark fairytale world. The game will be available in July of this year. The prologue, Into the Nightmare , on the other hand, can already be downloaded for free on Steam.


The event dedicated to Italian developers closes with Filippo Gabello , Producer of 34BigThings who intervened to talk about Redout 2, in view of the now imminent release. Coming June 16 to consoles and PC and July to Nintendo Switch, Redout 2 is an adrenaline-pumping sci-fi racing game, in some ways a spiritual heir to Wipeout, in which players will race on futuristic circuits on board. of fully customizable racing cars.


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