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Josh Brolin is in talks to star in a new film from the director of “Barbara”

Western media reported that Josh Brolin is in negotiations to participate in the upcoming horror film Weapons from Barbarian director Zack Cregger. Pedro Pascal was originally attached to the project , but he dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.



It is unknown whether negotiations with Brolin will end successfully. THR writes that the actor is very picky about projects and directors, and has never acted in horror films before. The film is being produced by New Line Cinema, and Cregger also wrote the script.

What Weapons will be about is still unknown, but the media is describing the film as an interconnected and multi-plot horror epic, reminiscent in tone of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia.



The filming date for “Weapons” is unknown. Initially, it was planned to shoot in the fall of 2023, but the start was postponed.


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