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Kojima creates spy action because of 8 years of requests from fans to make “another Metal Gear”

Hideo Kojima commented for the first time on his new “spy action game” after the announcement, revealing one of the main reasons for creating the game – many years of requests from fans on Twitter to make “another Metal Gear.”


In a new episode of the HideoTube show for many years with Kenjiro Tsuda (voice of Japanese Sam in Death Stranding 1/2), the director said that after MGS 5 in 2015 he wanted something new, which is where Death Stranding came from. Then he decided to create a franchise, which resulted in the continuation of Death Stranding 2. And then again he wanted something original, like the Overdose concept with Jordan Peele.

But for the last 8 years, every day on social networks users from all over the world have contacted me with requests to make a new Metal Gear. And in 2020 I became seriously ill, and there was also a pandemic… I couldn’t do it anymore. I was at the very bottom, games seemed impossible.

Kojima even wrote a will:

I realized that people are dying. I turned 60 and in 9 years will be 70. I hope to never retire. And yet, since users want it so passionately, I decided to shift my priorities a little. I want to try new things, but I will also create a spy action game.


Kojima also said that he receives many offers from Hollywood, but always refuses, because now he has his own studio. Stopping game development for a year or two would be problematic for Kojima Productions.

It was not an easy matter. I consulted with Guillermo del Toro and he said, “Hideo, what you’re doing is already a movie. Keep it up.” These words saved me.”

Del Toro previously appeared in Death Stranding, but it is not yet known whether he will return in the sequel.

As for the new spy action game, tentatively titled Physint, Kojima said he’s confident the game will be the “highlight” of his career. And it took Metal Gear fans mere minutes to declare Physint as the spiritual successor to the Konami series.


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