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Kojima “purified” OD with Phil Spencer in a traditional Japanese ceremony



Hideo Kojima revealed an interesting detail about the development of his new horror game for Xbox – OD: he brought Xbox head Phil Spencer and other Microsoft representatives to a traditional Japanese purification ceremony.

This became known during the return of Kojima’s video blog HideoTube. The game director briefly mentioned OD, also known as Overdose, and promised that information about it will be released gradually.

But more interestingly, he showed the now-iconic photo of himself with Spencer, Xbox President Sarah Bond, and revealed that due to the OD theme, they attended an Oharai cleansing ceremony together for the game, presumably to get rid of evil spirits.

Moment at 40:20


In the shot, Spencer, Bond and Kojima are wearing special belts with Japanese writing along their entire length.

You know, before filming horror films or dramas, people go to the temple on Oharai. Well, this is a scary game, so we held a ceremony with Microsoft.

According to Wikipedia, Oharai is a ritual for cleansing large groups of people, traditionally performed twice a year.

While we didn’t learn much about the game itself from the video, what we do know is that it will explore the nature of fear and will blur the lines between game and film – much like Death Stranding 2 and its recently announced spy action.


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