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Kumail Nanjiani: I Had to See a Therapist Because of Eternals’ Bad Reviews

Actor Kumail Nanjiani, who starred in the Marvel blockbuster “The Eternals,” complained about poor reviews from viewers. According to him, negative reviews shook his mental health and forced him to see a psychotherapist:


I had a great time making this film and realized that this is what being an actor should look like. However, when the movie came out and the reviews weren’t very good, it hit me really, really hard and I realized that my professional self-worth was based too much on what other people thought about the movies I was in.

It was very, very difficult because Marvel thought the film would do very, very well, and so they lifted the embargo very early and also took it to some fancy film festivals and sent us on a big world tour to promote the film. They expected us to be greeted by enthusiastic spectators, but everything turned out to be completely different. The reviews were very bad.

I think the problem was the atmosphere of the film, which made the film fall apart so much, and it doesn’t have much to do with the actual quality of the film. It was very hard and at the time I thought it was unfair to me and [my wife] Emily and I couldn’t work like this anymore. Something needed to change, and I started going to a psychotherapist. I still talk to him about it.

The film “The Eternals” was released in 2021 and, with a budget of $236 million, grossed only $402 million worldwide.


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