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Lara’s 90s Transformation: Remastered Graphics Comparison


The unofficial release of ” Barbie ” topped the box office in Russia over the weekend. According to preliminary data, Greta Gerwig’s film opened in Russian cinemas with a result of approximately 120 million rubles . However, due to the impossibility of accurately counting all “pirated” sessions, the real figure may be even higher.


As for the official box office, the leader of the past weekend was the melodrama After. Forever: The Last Chapter “, which earned about 85 million rubles in four days of rental . Next, with a result of 20 million rubles , is another fresh release – the comedy thriller “ Art by Concepts ” with Joe Manganiello, Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson.

At the same time, the thriller “ Sound of Freedom ,” which became a hit at the foreign box office, debuted in Russia weaker than expected, bringing in just over 13 million rubles over the premiere weekend .


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