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Layers of Fear 3: A teaser image hints at upcoming news


Apparently we will soon discover some news on Layers of Fear 3 . Or at least that’s what the tweet posted a few hours ago by Bloober Team through the game’s official account suggests. The tweet includes a title teaser image and a caption that reads: “ Go beyond the surface and discover the source of your fears. 

The sentence doesn’t actually include any direct information, but considering that the tweet was posted via the Layers of Fear 2 account and that the sequel was already announced last September with a teaser trailer it’s very likely that we will have updates about it soon. the title. The shared image shows a scarred painting depicting a woman’s face. At the point where the portrait is torn, a part of the face of the same subject emerges but in a decidedly more frightening version.

Will we know more at the Summer Game Fest ? At this point it is very likely. There remains the unknown of the remake of Silent Hill 2 which according to various rumors is in development by the authors of The Medium and which is about to finally be unveiled.




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