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Leak of new weapons and equipment for Helldivers 2

A new leak reveals several weapons and vehicles coming soon to Helldivers 2. Helldivers 2 developers Arrowhead Game Studios are expected to soon unveil a new roadmap giving players an idea of the upcoming content.



YouTube channel GameOverDeo posted a video including information about new vehicles and weapons in Helldivers 2, giving players a sneak peek at what could be coming in future updates. First, the leaked footage shows off a new pilotable mech. The ‘Mech is equipped with a heavy machine gun and a powerful missile system, so players can count on quickly clearing out small enemies. The leak also shows a new armored buggy, which allows a squad in Helldivers 2 to quickly move overland and fire at targets from an installed machine gun. And the buggy attracted the attention of many Helldivers 2 fans due to its similarity with the legendary Warthog from Halo.


Leaked vehicles, weapons and items in Helldivers 2


  • Manned ‘Mech


  • Armored buggy


  • Shotgun Arc-12 Blitzer


  • Plasma shotgun SG-8P Punisher


  • CB-9 Explosive Crossbow


  • R-36 Erupter combat rifle


  • Backpack BX-7 with teleport in case of danger (Displacer Pack)


  • Backpack B-1 with ammunition (Supply Pack)


A new video compiles multiple screenshots of Helldivers 2 weapons that were leaked last week and deleted on Reddit. The first of the new items is the Arc-12 Blitzer, a shotgun that fires high-voltage electricity that jumps between multiple targets within its blast radius. Players can also expect to see the Plasma SG-8P Punisher with powerful explosive charges. The description states that this weapon can seriously injure teammates. The CB-9 crossbow and R-36 Erupter battle rifle are a couple of other promising weapons in Helldivers 2, judging by the fact that they are in the testing stage.


Moreover, GameOverDeo’s video shows some of the new items that may be coming soon in Helldivers 2 updates. The new BX-7 Displacer Pack will teleport the player to safety if a potentially fatal blow is dealt nearby. The B-1 Supply Pack backpack is also useful, allowing you to replenish ammunition right on the battlefield.


Along with these vehicles and weapons, new customization may be coming to Helldivers 2, although the exact timing of the updates is not yet known.


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