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Lego clicker Technic sets a record of 70 clicks per second

When it comes to microelectronics projects, sometimes it’s more fun to do something simply because it can be done, rather than because it has to be done. Driven by pure enthusiasm, a craftsman named Lucas decided to push the boundaries of autoclickers by creating the fastest physical autoclicker in the world.



Clicks per second are measured using a third-party web application, With this tool, you can quickly click inside a square and get an estimate of your average click rate. According to the video posted by Lucas, the record he was about to break was 37 clicks per second (CPS). Using components from a Lego Technic set, he built a device that automatically clicks a mouse button dozens of times per second.


At first, the results were quite mediocre, not even reaching half of the record he intended to break. A small adjustment to the mechanism quickly changed the situation – the CPS Test website recorded about 30 CPS. With basic components it was possible to achieve only this result. However, more powerful components made it possible to go further.



As a result, Lucas settled on a faster engine and changed the design of the mechanism to a wheeled one. When rotated, the small feet hit the mouse button, causing a click. The testing was so intense that he had to add tape to the mouse to protect it from damage.


After all the adjustments and modifications, the final CPS recorded by Lucas was just over 70 CPS. According to Lucas, he unofficially considers it the fastest autoclicker in the world.

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