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Lenovo is developing a laptop with a transparent display

Transparent displays will soon appear in various devices, at least concept models are constantly shown at technology conferences. Such transparent displays look impressive, but so far no one has given a reasonable explanation of why they are needed. That hasn’t stopped Lenovo from creating a laptop concept with a transparent display.


Known for tech leaks, insider Evan Blass tweeted photos of two transparent Lenovo laptops sitting on a table opposite each other with a plant between them, demonstrating that yes, the screens are see-through

According to an insider, the concept should be presented at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, ​​starting on February 26. Moreover, this is not the first leak about a new laptop – WindowsReport previously showed press photos giving an idea of ​​the form factor of the device, so Lenovo is indeed preparing a model.

Earlier images show the laptop’s transparent lid surrounded by a thin bezel, presumably for ports, and the components are housed in an opaque back with a small edge.

In the new frames, the stylus is clearly visible in the foreground, suggesting touch input, although it is unclear whether it is on the transparent bottom panel or the top screen.

This solution looks, frankly speaking, strange – like all transparent displays that have ever appeared in TV series or films. It’s doubtful that many of us would be comfortable with others being able to see what’s on our screen. Although the problem can be solved with a matte screen, as in “smart” windows, the question then arises – why all this whole idea with transparent displays?


Perhaps we’ll find out the answer in the coming weeks.


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