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LG works on its first 20-inch OLED monitors and TVs


LG continues to work to enhance its OLED panel offering . LG Display is one of the most important players in the OLED display industry, the company intends to strengthen its position by introducing a new line of 20-inch OLED panels .

The panels in question will be designed for consumer electronics: for example for PC monitors, or for small televisions. LG intends to present its first 20-inch panels by the end of 2022. The new line will complement the current LG Display line-up , which today already includes almost every other range of diagonals: from small 6-inch smartphone panels. -6.7 inches to larger TVs.

In short, LG intends to fill a void currently not guarded by its competitors, but which could also meet the needs of many consumers.

LG’s President recently recalled the importance of the gaming segment for his industry. Also for this reason, LG intends to focus on designing panels that can offer very low response times and extremely high color fidelity.

Obviously, the Korean manufacturer will also continue to invest in more innovative products, including a 77-inch transparent OLED TV. Added to this are the new panels designed for tablets – which we will most likely see on Apple’s next iPads.



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