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Lidl now also offers an electric car for hire: it is small, ultra-economical and travels 300km with one charge


Forget about ‘collectible’ sneakers. The ultimate gadget from Lidl is an electric car. The little Elaris Finn is an ultra-economical electric car produced by a Chinese company. The supermarket chain will allow its customers to get it with a sort of subscription of 222 euros per month.

The initiative, at least for the moment, concerns exclusively the German market. To request the Elaris Finn it is sufficient to have a Lidl Plus account and, therefore, to access the appropriate Leke2Drive portal . Like2Drive is a German company specializing in car rental.

The Elaris Finn is a 2-door electric car , a bit like the Smart Fortwo. Think that it measures just 2.8 meters. The electric motor is 48HP and the vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 115Km, which is more than adequate for use in the city. The car, thanks to its 32kWh battery, is capable of about 300Km with a single charge.

Normally the small electric car is offered at a price of 269 euros, but members of the Lidl loyalty program can get it at the advantageous price of 222 euros.

This is not Lidl’s first step into the automotive world. The collaboration with Like2Drive has been going on for more than a year now. In 2021, the supermarket chain had reserved a special offer for its members, this time dedicated to the Nissan Leaf car. Moral? It was a success: the discounted cars sold out in no time, so much so that Lidl and Like2Drive were forced to create a (long) waiting list to satisfy as many customers as possible. Moreover, the subscription also includes insurance and maintenance costs. A deal.



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