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Lies of P can now be played in first person

Modder Cristiferbeast has released a mod that allows you to play Lies of P from a first-person perspective. This soul-like game is inspired by Bloodborne and Dark Souls. The mod is really cool for those who have already completed the game, but want to replay it. So if you are one of them, be sure to download it.



Since Lies of P is a soul-like game, it can be quite difficult to play in first person. But, apparently, dodging works well. However, blocking enemy attacks can be difficult. The rolls can also feel a little disorienting. And some 360 degree special attacks are downright weird.


Please note, this mod is for those who have already completed the game. If you haven’t completed it yet or have just started, it’s best to stay away. This is not what you would expect from an official first person mode.


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