Lifeguard dogs, in Palinuro they save 5 young people


In Cilento, in Palinuro , there are two heroes to be rewarded. They are Dylan and Vita, two golden retrievers who saved the lives of five young people between 25 and 30 years old. These were about to drown during a pedal boat trip. Here the two lifeguard dogs were immediately ready to bring them to safety. At 250 meters from the shore the pedal boat for still unknown reasons began to sink. Only a quarter of the boat remained on the surface. Among the young people, two girls in panic, because they could not swim, but in any case they all remained hanging on the only point of the pedal boat still afloat.

To see them were immediately Dylan and Vita, two dogs on duty at the Italian School of Rescue Dogs in Palinuro, at the SICS security post. The two rescue dogs and the lifeguards immediately dived to reach the boys and calm them down. The two animals equipped with a floating harness allowed the young people to float. Then they reached the two rescue skates of the Shrieking factory. Dylan is a veteran, has been on duty for eight years, but Vita is still learning and has been a lifeguard dog for 2 years.


There is a small army of 6-legged volunteers who work every summer to contribute to national bathing safety. About 400 man / dog couples are employed on the main free beaches of the country. These numbers make the Italian School of Rescue Dogs the largest world organization in the field of rescue dogs and make it an important and appreciated reality in the panorama of institutions operating in national bathing safety, with an average of 30 rescues carried out every year.

Italian School of Rescue Dogs

  • Sink pedal boats, lifeguard dogs save five boys (
  • Palinuro: two lifeguard dogs save the lives of 5 young people (


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