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Logitech will launch a portable cloud gaming console this year


Logitech plans to launch its cloud gaming handheld console later this year. The news, which comes like a bolt from the blue, seems to be more reasoned than one might think, given that the ideas are clear from Logitech.

The console in question should in fact support Microsoft’s Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now , two services that allow you to play various games in the Cloud. Logitech will produce this platform in partnership with Tencent Games , and a dialogue is also expected with Google Stadia and Amazon Luna .

If all this goes to work, we would talk about having a console for Cloud Gaming compatible with most of the services: if we then think that GeForce Now, on its own, allows you to play titles on Epic Games and Steam , also taking advantage of the Anti- Cheats (which we remember are one of the most important blocks for the Steam Deck), then it seems that the basis of a good console is there.

Logitech would be just the umpteenth company to launch into the handheld video game market , considered the Nintendo Switch that has long been riding the market and Valve’s most recent Steam Deck.




  • Logitech will launch a handheld cloud gaming device in 2022 (


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