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Lumina: presented the desk with integrated display


The Lumina Desk , as it is called, is a powered sit-stand desk, with a display that sits between the laptop (or monitor) and keyboard and mouse. The idea is to offer space to add a view for your Google Calendar , a stock view from Robinhood or a Twitter feed . All things that would be nice to always have in sight, without the need to buy a second or third monitor.

Rather than a touchscreen, data can be controlled from a companion app on the desktop, and the entire desk is coated with a layer of anti-reflective tempered glass. The company also promises a maximum brightness of 1,200 nits and a refresh rate of 60Hz. There’s a ton of useful tech in this desk, with two 20 x 20 Qi wireless charging pads on the tabletop, each capable to deliver 100W of power. Then there are six hidden AC outlets with a built-in switch and six USB-C ports, each capable of delivering up to 30W.

Sadly, you won’t be able to get your hands on one of these desks until 2023, and the company is opening unpaid bookings today to evaluate future interests.

Nothing is known about the price either, but it could be around $ 1000 according to rumors, but any further news is purely speculative.




  • Lumina is working on a smart standing desk that has a built-in display (Engadget)


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