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Mafia 5 already in the plans of Hangar 13, although the fourth episode has not yet come out


Although the fourth installment of the Mafia series has not yet been officially announced, Hangar 13 has already started planning Mafia 5 . According to  Jason Schreier , a well-known Bloomberg journalist, with the inauguration of the new president of the team, Nick Baynes, there was a renewed desire to focus on the series in question, with the aim of already submitting a first project for Mafia 5 to the attention of publishers.

The goal would be to be able to get the ok from the publisher much earlier while the fourth chapter is still in development, in order to avoid running into the same mistakes made in the past. In fact, Hangar 13 took a long time to get the green light for Mafia 4, and was then forced to fire many employees due to the sudden cancellation of two projects: one known as ” Volt ” and the other as ” Mosaic “.

The early approval would allow Hangar 13 to start work on Mafia 5 immediately after the publication of Mafia 4, giving continuity to the work of the developers who could not thus run the risk of being fired for the little work available.

Based on what has emerged, the studio is currently working on two distinct projects: the first of the two, “ Hammer ” should be a reboot of the well-known Top Spin series; “Nero” , on the other hand, would be  Mafia 4 , which according to some rumors could be a prequel to the series set in Sicily that will tell the origins of Don Salieri’s family.




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