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Marvel Zombies: The board game got $ 9 million on Kickstarter


The Kickstarter campaign that promoted the release of the board game dedicated to Marvel Zombies was a real success, considering that in about twenty days a good 9 million dollars were obtained. Almost 30,000 supporters financed the release of the board game.

Here are the images taken from the board game on Marvel Zombies.









The Kickstarter campaign for the release of Marvel Zombies ran from January 18 through February 4, with packages ranging from $ 130 up to $ 615. This is because the game consists of a basic package, and develops thanks to several expansions, which include the presence of the X-Men, and then again an expansion dedicated to Galactus, one with the Fantastic Four, and also with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Clearly the aim of the game is to fight Marvel superheroes turned into zombies. The game is playable for up to six people, with the drawings of the artist from the House of Ideas Marco Checchetto brought to the boardgame and in the miniatures of the characters in the center of the board game.

For those who participated in the Crowdfunding campaign, the delivery of the board game is scheduled between October 2022 and June 2023. We recall that Marvel Zombies is a comic miniseries created by Robert Kirkman, and which was also the focus of an episode of What if …?


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