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Media: David Goyer is no longer the showrunner of “Foundation” due to disagreements over the budget

The Hollywood Reporter reports that David S. Goyer has stepped down as showrunner of Apple TV+’s Foundation. According to the publication, the screenwriter resigned from his position before the start of filming the third season of the series based on the Isaac Asimov series.



According to THR, Goyer left his position as showrunner due to disagreements over the budget for the third season of Foundation with production company Skydance. Goyer will also not direct some episodes of the third season. Instead, they will find other directors.


Goyer will remain working on Foundation as a screenwriter. Skydance itself added that Goyer will still be considered the showrunner – it is possible that he will be listed in this format in the credits.



Executive producer Bill Bost will be directing the filming of the third season of Foundation in Prague instead of Goyer. Filming will resume after a pause for strikes on March 6. Half of the season was filmed before the suspension.


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