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Media: Helldivers 2 on PS5 is more popular than Roblox, Overwatch 2 and Apex Legends

The TrueTrophies portal , citing data from 3.2 million active PSN accounts, writes that Helldivers 2 is currently the fifth most popular game on the PS5 console. At the start, the game ranked 11th in the general chart, and in the second week it was 5th.



According to TrueTrophies, the number of Helldivers 2 players increased by 112% in the second week after release. As of February 18, Arrowhead’s co-op shooter ranks fifth, ahead of Roblox, Overwatch 2 and Apex Legends.

Helldivers 2 is actively growing its audience not only on PS5, but also on PC. Developers are constantly releasing patches aimed at solving problems with matchmaking and server overload.


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