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Media: In Russia in 2023, the share of handicraft computers has increased

Izvestia wrote that in Russia in 2023 the share of computers assembled using handicraft or semi-handicraft methods has increased to 20%. In 2022, such PCs occupied 11% of the market. This follows from a report from a partner company of several electronics manufacturers.


Such computers are assembled in a store or at a radio market according to the requirements of the customer, who often brings the spare parts himself. These devices are not related to any brands.

It is reported that sales of handicraft and semi-handicraft computers in Russia over the past year have more than doubled, to 260 thousand units. These data were confirmed to Izvestia by a source close to one of the equipment suppliers.

Since desktop computers from the world’s leading brands have ceased to be supplied to Russia—in any case, significantly fewer of them are imported in parallel than laptops—the niche is being taken over by local assemblers. Moreover, such a device with comparable characteristics may turn out to be cheaper than a desktop from a well-known brand.

Leading analyst at Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin

Representatives of Avito said that over the past year, sales of computers assembled by private individuals increased by 66% compared to 2022. In 2023, the average price of such a PC was about 40 thousand rubles.



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