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Media: Phil Spencer held a meeting with employees and assured the continuation of the release of Xbox consoles


Microsoft has no intention of getting out of the console business. Gaming journalist Shannon Liao spoke about this. She said Microsoft held an internal meeting last Tuesday in which Phil Spencer personally assured employees that Xbox consoles would continue to be part of the company’s cross-device strategy.


Apparently, Spencer was forced to clarify this information against the backdrop of multiple rumors that appeared online about Microsoft’s possible transition to a multi-platform release of its games.

At the same time, according to the latest information, the rumors turned out to be greatly exaggerated, and at the moment the company plans to transfer only selected games to competing platforms, and not everything. More details on this should come next week when Microsoft hosts an event detailing its updated business strategy and the future of the Xbox brand.

Also, according to yet unconfirmed data, Microsoft has abandoned the release of the intermediate generation of Xbox and plans to launch the next generation as early as 2026, and one of the consoles will supposedly be a traditional powerful stationary system with a detachable drive, and the second will be made in a portable format and will be able to connect to the TV via a dock -station similar to Nintendo Switch.


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