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Media: Russians spent more than $170 million on games in the App Store

Kommersant, citing the State of Mobile Gaming 2024 report on the mobile games market for 2023, prepared by, writes that the volume of payments in games from Russia through the App Store payment infrastructure decreased by 19.2%, to $172 million.



According to this indicator, it ranks last in the top 20. The top three are the USA (14.8 billion), China (11.2 billion) and Japan (8.4 billion).


The report’s authors compare countries with different sets of payment instruments available in the App Store. In all countries except the Russian Federation, the store supports card payments. Additional funds in each country also include PayPal and local payment systems.

In the Russian Federation, starting from March 2022, only payments from phone balances work, and from May 2022, only for MTS and Beeline. In 2021, the volume of payments in mobile games through the App Store in Russia was $336 million.



Payments on Google Play are completely disabled: the Russian segment of the Android store not only does not allow you to use its payment system, but also does not allow you to update purchased paid applications.


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