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Media: The showrunner for the serial reboot of “Harry Potter” will be named in June

Deadline writes that three people are now vying for the post of showrunner of the serial reboot of Harry Potter: Francesca Gardiner (Descendants), Tom Moran (Hour of the Devil) and Kathleen Jordan (Young Bounty Hunters).



It is reported that the final candidates will spend the next few months refining their scripts, and the final decision on the appointment of a showrunner will be Warner Bros. Discovery will host in June.


According to respected journalist Jeff Snyder , the most likely candidate for the post of showrunner of the Harry Potter series is Francesca Gardiner.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. and Max are considering the possibility of creating several projects within the universe and may involve several scriptwriters to work on this.



The Harry Potter series was announced for spring 2023. The show is expected to run for several years, with each season covering a different book.


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