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Media: Venture capitalists are tired of the antics of Sam Altman from OpenAI

There was a time when Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, was the darling of Silicon Valley. However, the days when a leader’s reputation was impeccable may be coming to an end. A new report from Insider indicates that some in the tech and financial communities aren’t thrilled with Altman’s messianic antics.



The Insider report, which quotes numerous anonymous venture capitalists and startup executives, claims that Altman is allegedly participating in a $100 billion funding round. This money will be used to create artificial general intelligence (AGI). However, for many interviewees who interacted or worked with Altman, the combination of high-flown rhetoric and cult of personality became tiresome.


One Venture Fund Partner says:



He likes to act altruistic, but I would prefer it if he just told me his true intentions.


Another added:


He’s a megalomaniac. I don’t trust him for the same reason I didn’t trust Elon. I don’t trust a man whose aspirations are so clearly tied to himself.


He’s one of the most intellectually dishonest guys in the tech world… I’ve had many meetings with him where he’s said things that I thought: This just can’t be true, but he can get away with it.


One of the investors said:


There is a fear associated with the fact that you are not participating in what he is doing.


Another source interviewed for the story claimed that Altman is building “Sam’s platform,” seemingly implying that the OpenAI CEO is more interested in his own reputation than helping humanity, as he has previously stated.


It is curious that almost all the capitalists preferred to remain anonymous, apparently fearing Altman’s influence.


One of those who spoke out was Ali Ghodsi, CEO of OpenAI rival Databricks. Ghodsey said he believes Altman overestimated the technology on which his company is based.


If your worldview is that you created AGI and he is superhuman, more like a god, then yes, then maybe it’s worth turning the entire planet upside down. But I don’t think that’s what’s happening now.


Insider notes that the capitalists’ comments may reflect a general dissatisfaction with Altman as one of the most powerful people in the world. Well, also because the OpenAI AI threatens to ruin many of the startups in which all these investors have invested.


On the other hand, this isn’t the first time someone has said something negative about Altman. In the weeks following the OpenAI “ousting” scandal last year, there was talk that Altman was “manipulative,” a liar, and an overall terrible boss. And earlier this month, a New York Times article came out with similar allegations, most of which came from Mira Murati, one of OpenAI’s former top managers.


It is worth noting that there is nothing special about these accusations. After all, there are millions of toxic people in the world who roughly fit Altman’s description. True, not everyone has the opportunity to run an extremely powerful company hell-bent on changing our world through artificial intelligence.

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