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Media: ZA/UM will make cuts – development of an add-on for Disco Elysium has been canceled

Sources of the GLHF resource write that the ZA/UM studio, known for Disco Elysium, is going to lay off 24 employees. It is reported that this is about a quarter of the company’s entire staff. In addition, it became known about the cancellation of the company’s new game.


According to GLHF, the canceled project was a standalone Disco Elysium addon codenamed X7. An anonymous source of the publication says that the project was 1-2 years from completion, and its development required more effort and resources than the original.

It is reported that most of the layoffs will affect the team of the canceled X7, but people on third-party projects and employees not directly related to development will also be cut.

At risk, as GLFH writes, are screenwriters, engineers, artists, animators, and IT employees.

  • GLHF writes that X7 is the third project canceled or put on pause within ZA/UM. In 2022, the studio canceled a full-fledged sequel to Disco Elysium, and in 2023 suspended production of the sci-fi project

  • Currently ZA/UM is actively working on two titles – C4 and M0. The latter, as GLHF writes, is associated with Disco Elysium


GLHF’s source blames the current situation on poor decisions by management, who acted “as if they had an enemy, be it the old Disco team, the press or even people working inside.”

The interlocutor adds that ZA/UM bosses never valued existing talent, and also attracted newcomers from outside, refusing to promote current employees. The source also notes the disrespectful attitude towards women and their work.


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