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Mediascope: Telegram in Russia is used by almost half of the entire population

From a report by the research company Mediascope, cited by RBC, it turned out that Telegram in Russia is used by almost half of the country’s entire population over 12 years of age. The share at the end of December 2023 increased by 20%, to 47%. In December 2022 it was 39%.


In January 2022 (data for an earlier period are not presented in the report), this figure was almost two times lower – only 20%.

As they say in Mediascope, Telegram occupies fourth position in the ranking of the most popular Internet resources. First place goes to WhatsApp (67%), second to Yandex (56%), third to Google (53%). Fifth place goes to VKontakte (45%), sixth place to YouTube (44%).

  • In the age group from 12 to 17 years old, Telegram is the absolute leader with a coverage of 76%. VKontakte and YouTube, which occupy second and third places, have lower coverage among teenagers – 69% and 68%, respectively.

  • The share of Russians who log into Telegram at least once a month reached 68% in the fourth quarter of 2023. About 7% of all Internet consumption comes from this platform. In total, the messenger category accounts for 18%

  • The average time that users spend on Telegram per day has also increased – by almost 14% per year: if in December 2022 it was 37 minutes, then in December 2023 it was already 42 minutes

  • Telegram is the main platform for Internet fraud in Russia, according to a study by Angara Security

  • In 2023, the number of requests for the purchase of accounts, which were used for attacks on behalf of people who have authority for the interlocutor, increased by 39%.

Media interlocutors note that many users perceive WhatsApp as a messenger, and Telegram as a full-fledged platform. I often use the first one for communication, and the second one for reading news.


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