Meta confirms a stop to hiring for different departments


Over the last few times, Meta , Mark Zuckerberg ‘s company formerly known as Facebook , has had the opportunity to deal with issues due to several leaks. In fact, we are talking about a company that has seen the value of its shares drop to a peak over the last year, between TikTok continues to increase its success, and Apple that has put big restrictions on advertising, thus greatly decreasing the earnings of the colossus.

The situation linked to COVID has led to multiple investments which in all cases have not been adequately repaid. Speaking precisely of the latter, Meta has simply decided to make a cut, thus going to block any recruitment regarding many new departments, including for example Facebook Dating and the Messenger platform for children. Fortunately, at the moment, as Mark Zuckerberg himself has had the opportunity to confirm and as reported by the pages of The Verge , there is no talk of layoffs but simply of a stop for hiring.

The teams in question have in fact been informed that – at least for the moment – they will not have the opportunity to hire additional engineers, and will consequently have to continue to develop the next products that will be released on the market, including updates and new platforms, only with the their own strengths, thus having no way of counting on additional external personnel.

This should last at least until the company has recovered. Obviously this has triggered the panic of the employees who saw their jobs at risk, considering the needs of the company and its losses, but fortunately, as said, the CEO was keen to emphasize that no layoffs of any kind are expected, hoping obviously that the situation does not degenerate over the next few weeks in negative.

  • Meta freezes hiring for shopping team, Messenger Kids, and other products (The Verge)


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