Meta: the first physical store opens in California


As recently reported by the pages of CNBC , finally a Meta project that has been discussed for a long time has been “completed”, given that we are talking specifically about the opening of a real physical store designed to contain the company’s products. , which presents itself with some really interesting possibilities. As explained in the report, the place has a total of almost 140 square meters , making it quite large but in any case not immense, and is presented with the aim of showcasing the company’s products.

We are talking about Quest 2 , Portal and Ray-Ban Stories of the colossus, waiting for the debut of new articles designed to carry on the idea of ​​metaverse that Mark Zuckerberg has been aiming for for some time now. In the first case we are talking about the viewer with focus in the world of video games and beyond, which alone is able to transport users to the metaverse, in the second of a device useful for calls and communication, and finally of the glasses made in collaboration with Ray- Ban able to take photos and videos, as well as upload them to social platforms.

It must be said that although the focus of the company obviously remains online stores, in reality to best provide the idea of ​​metaverse of the giant of physical places they have the opportunity to be particularly useful thanks to the possibility of being able to put their hand on products in a real environment by trying them out to the fullest, with the aim of understanding whether they are new to suit your needs and discovering the various possibilities.

Undoubtedly a rather interesting find for all those who are skeptical about the future of this universe or perhaps have not yet had the opportunity to get involved, because perhaps they have not learned about it in the past, and can in this way at no cost find out more about it all.



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