Meta will no longer allow the sharing of public addresses on Facebook


Meta has decided to start a real battle with the home addresses that are shared on the Facebook platform . Specifically, we talk about the recommendations to remove the possibility of entering your addresses even if these are publicly available, as reported on the pages of Engadget and taken up by The Verge . A year has passed since the request of the Facebook Oversight Board was brought forward, due to the problems related to the phenomenon of doxxing, or the sharing of private information in public.

It must be said that both Facebook and Instagram do not allow users to publicly share someone’s residential addresses, but the problem arose for posts that spoke of already public information. According to Meta, this was granted in the event that five or more news sources had talked about it publicly, but now, as confirmed, everything will be finished by the end of the year, and it will no longer be possible to share such private information.

Find below Meta’s statement on the issue, reported on the pages of The Verge:

As noted by the Oversight Board with this recommendation, removing the publicly available private address exception could limit the availability of this information on Facebook and Instagram when it is already available elsewhere. In any case, we recognize that implementing such advice can strengthen the privacy protections of our platforms.

The company also confirmed that it is re-evaluating its response to photos that include photos of the exterior of private apartments, explaining that if it is the hinge of news these will not be removed, unless used to organize protests against. residents in the apartments. There has also been talk of how users will be able to share their address , and will not follow the recommendation to allow re-sharing by others as well.




  • Meta will no longer allow the sharing of ‘publicly available’ private home addresses (The Verge)


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